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chid abuse awreness .. my mom abused me as a kid 1 0f 20

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this is one of hundreds pre made , I used to get abused sometimes 24 hours a day all day for way over ten years , i got suffocated too, this is all I think about all day no matter what I am doing , I spent my whole life buying mom mom presents cooking cleaning don chores trying to impress her ngeting her to say she loved me or she was proud . all i ever got was she wished she never had me that i was stupid and she hated me and she would always tell me all the time about how she wished my friends were her son , she said she hates me and I should be rich by now and have a house which my mom lives in rent free and i pay for her vacations everyday . She says if i buy her a house a car and pay for her vacations and livivng expenses shed be nice to me even though she never took care of me put me in foster homes or supported me , I lived off food donations from people as a kid i worked from the age of ten and my mom still used to steal my stuff and sell it or give it away as presents from birth to this day i am told how ugly i am and retarded, not too long ago my mom tried to throw hot oil from a frying pan on me punched me in the face stole my thing and came in the bathroom while i was naked out of the shower and would not get out she said she wanted to watch and said she had permission to watch me get out of the showed naked dry off and change because she owned my body she gave birth to it so its hers to do what she wants when i try to cove my naked body with my hands she keeps pulling the towel off and pulling my hands off my privates and trying to hug me naked when i push her off she screams for 911 and tells me if you dont let me watch or hug you naked i will call the police and charge you for assault. i was pushing her off of me naked and she was screaming as loud as she could help me i am being raped by my son call the cops .

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