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CREEPY Things Caught on Security Cameras

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There are some bizarre happenings in this world, but most of the time they go unnoticed or unrecorded and become forgotten with time. Luckily for us, these strange and scary moments were captured on video, so we never have to forget and can study the footage forever. From creepy stalkers to twins with a death wish, this is Creepiest Things Caught on Security Cameras!

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5. A Creep in Queensland!
We’ve all had stalkers… well, maybe not, but that’s not the point. The point is, what would you do if your security cameras caught your stalker literally lurking around and trying to peek in your windows in the middle of the night? You’d probably be a little more than freaked out, right? One woman in Queensland, Australia had to deal with a creep such as this on two separate occasions right outside of her house! He would even hide behind her truck when cars passed by so as not to be seen and then go right back to his business of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong! Police released the footage in an attempt to identify the weirdo who was obviously terrifying the woman back in 2016, but it doesn’t appear as though they caught the man, which means he’s still on the loose! Why can’t people just leave others alone when they show they’re not interested or, you know, try and go a more normal route to get someone’s attention? Freaky!

4. Again, People Suck.
The worst part of this is that so far, they haven’t even caught the gutless person who hit somebody with their car and took off, yet. What was captured on the security camera was somebody plowing their vehicle into a 58-year-old man just a few blocks from the USC campus, just outside of University Park, which is where the cameras that captured it are located. The footage shows the man in the headlights before the car runs into him, knocking him into the air. Unfortunately, the man didn’t make it, and the reason this is creepy is that the person who hit him just drove away. How could you just leave someone injured on the streets? It’s sad, isn’t it? People, man.

3. Super Weirdo
Danielle Yancey, one of the stars on Bravo’s reality television show, Jersey Belles, had something bizarre, almost comical, yet entirely terrifying happen to her back in 2016. Her CCTV cameras caught a man, a naked man, wandering up onto her porch and up to her door while only wearing a sock and a Ronald Reagan mask. Oh yeah, the sock wasn’t on his foot, if you know what we mean. While many people have laughed and had a lot of fun with the video, it actually is horrifying if you think about it. No one knows precisely what the man’s intentions were and even if it was just a prank, somebody could have gotten hurt. It was also apparently freezing outside, and the police said he wouldn’t have lasted long that unclothed in those kinds of conditions. Weird.

2. The Eriksson Sisters
This story is a little crazy and almost a little hard to hear, so if you’re a bit sensitive, tune out for a moment. Ursula and Sabina Eriksson are two twin sisters that were caught on CCTV cameras and, somehow, were in the right place at the right time to be caught on an episode of Traffic Cops that was being filmed. The two women ran back and forth across a highway, getting struck multiple times and Ursula even ended up run over by a large truck. Inexplicably, the two women survived the ordeal, and it was found that they were sharing in a rare form of psychosis. Sabina had been experiencing delusions and hearing voices, and Ursula picked up on it (you know how twins are) and became psychotic as well. Ursula had to be hospitalized after being run over by the truck, and Sabina was temporarily detained then released. She then met a man on the street, Glenn Hollinshead, who let her stay in his home because he felt bad for her and she attacked him with a knife and took off. She was sentenced to five years in prison when she was caught.


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