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EP 07: Naked Life Story: Emma

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Emma is a highly successful Ph.D. who shares her journey of drinking more than she wanted and getting back in the driver's seat in her relationship with alcohol.

Today I am here with Emma. Emma came to me, she has such an exciting story regarding her journey of drinking due to her background, her success in life and her empowerment and decisions.

I've had a very lucky, good life. I mean I can't complain about anything. I was raised in London England, and I came over to the states when I was like 18. There were relatives in my house that were drinking and alcoholism. I grew up around a lot of alcohol and so I was always sensitive to the fact that I might have a problem. Regardless of being worried about that, when I was 14 my journey of drinking began. I started going out on Saturday nights with my friends and drinking and very early on I started drinking. You'd have to say binge drinking because you know Saturday night. I was drinking quite a lot for a teenager.

Wild Child
I was kind of a wild child. Back in the 80s, everyone smoked, I smoked too. It was just what we did especially in England too is probably more of that culture. When I came over to the states I was still drinking off and on. I knew that I needed to be careful with it just because of what I'd seen growing up a little bit. So I think I was maybe in my mid 20s when I actually went to my first AA meeting. I just wanted to quit. I was in and out of AA from like 25 to early 30s.

Journey of Drinking
My journey of drinking was a stop and go. I stopped for five years while I obtained my Ph. D. That was great. I then met my husband who conviced me I could drink - he would watch out for me. I thought I would stick to wine and that I could moderate. My journey of drinkings aid otherwise as I would binge drink. I binged through having a daughter, getting divorced, being a single mom and remarrying. I knew my habots werenn't healthy and needed to stop.

Now What?
I knew my journey of drinking needed to stop and AA wasn't the answer this time around. Keep lisetning to find out more as to what I learned and what did work for me.

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