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FORTNITE SEASON 5 Funny Moments (Fortnite Season-5 Fails and Epic Wins) Fortnite Live

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FORTNITE SEASON 5 Funny Moments (Fortnite Season-5 Fails and Epic Wins) Fortnite Live - FORTNITE SEASON 5 Gameplay (Fortnite Season 5 Max Battle Pass) NEW MAP, NEW SKINS & VEHICLES! Everything you need to know about Fortnite season 5 leaks including the season 5 skins and what the tier 100 skin could be like! SUBSCRIBE for more!

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Q. Will There Be a New Battle Pass?
A. Yes. As before, Epic will offer a Battle Pass for Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. While the developer has yet to reveal any details about the new Battle Pass, including how much it will cost, each previous Battle Pass could be purchased for 950 V-Bucks (Fortnite's in-game currency). V-Bucks, in turn, can be bought with either real money or earned by reaching certain reward tiers of the Battle Pass (or through playing Fortnite's paid Save the World mode).

The Battle Pass gives players access to additional content, such as new skins, emotes, and other rewards. These can be unlocked by completing weekly challenges and leveling the Battle Pass up. Epic hasn't revealed how many reward tiers will be available with the Season 5 Battle Pass, although Season 4's featured 100 tiers--30 more than the previous Battle Pass. If Epic's previous estimations still hold true, it should take between 75-100 hours of play time to unlock all of the Battle Pass's rewards. Players can also purchase tiers to level the Battle Pass up faster.

Q. What's New With Season 5's Map?
A. Epic has been characteristically silent about what new elements it plans to introduce to Fortnite: Battle Royale in Season 5, although the developer has been laying the groundwork for some major changes for the game in the run up to the new season. The most notable sign that something big is afoot is the recent rocket launch; after various warning signals began popping up in the game, the mysterious rocket in the Evil Lair finally took off on June 30, causing a giant rift to appear in the sky over the island.

Since the launch, the nature of the rift has remained a mystery, and more have begun cropping up in various areas around the map. In the days that followed the event, additional rifts have appeared at Lonely Lodge, Retail Row, Tomato Town, and other locations. Moreover, the rifts seem to be growing in size and consuming nearby objects; the rift at Lonely Lodge, for instance, was barely visible when it first materialized, but it has since expanded and even swallowed up the sign outside the building.

Just what these strange rifts mean for the future of Fortnite remain to be seen, but as was the case in the lead up to Season 4, they presumably herald some sort of big, impending change for the landscape. Prior to the start of Season 4, a comet suddenly appeared in the sky over the island. The comet remained in the air for several weeks until it eventually crashed into Dusty Depot at the start of Season 4, transforming it into Dusty Divot and introducing some brand-new elements to the map, such as gravity-defying Hop Rocks.

Season 5 may feature either a time-travel or Wild West theme; new objects have begun appearing around the map. That includes a stagecoach that popped up out of nowhere. It's anyone's guess as to what could be next, but we have some ideas for new Fortnite maps.

Q. What New Season 5 Skins And Cosmetics Have Leaked?
A. Each season of Fortnite: Battle Royale brings an assortment of new items to unlock, and we can expect Epic to continue that trend by introducing a slew of new skins, emotes, and other cosmetic rewards to earn through the aforementioned Season 5 Battle Pass. The developer has yet to formally reveal any of the new items coming next season, although we've gotten a glimpse at some new contrails on the way to the game. The Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account has discovered several new trails in the game's code, including ones called Stars & Stripes, Glitchin', and Ice. These will presumably be available through the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Q. Are Fortnite Objects Showing Up in Real Life?
A. It seems that way. Greasy Grove's Durr Burger is among the things to be sucked out of Fortnite's world by a rift, only for it to appear in the middle of a desert in California. That in turn led to a phone number players could call, and that's led to the discovery of coordinates for... Greasy Grove. It all remains very mysterious, but Epic is clearly going all-out with its teases for whatever is happening next in the game.

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