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Four Naked Women Wearing Only Body Paint Go For A Walk | Bodypainting part 20

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I would love it if wearing body paint instead of clothes became an acceptable fashion trend! It would add a new dimension I think to the concept of fashion... however, if it became commonplace (just hypothetically) I wonder if it would take some of the thrill out of it? The thrill I’m referring to is something I often reproduce in these captions- about what it’s like to be body painted naked and then exhibited in public. For me that started in the early nineties at raves in Houston. It’s not a sexual thing, i.e. not exhibitionism. For me it’s a kind of psychologically thrilling experience to surrender my body to an artist and become, temporarily at least, a piece of his artwork (they were all male, those who painted me????) and then see people’s reactions to me as they admire the artwork. In all butt one case, I did NOT get to see the artwork that I had become before being put on display. I always did view myself later... but it added an extra element of intrigue to it to watch people’s facial expressions and wonder what they were witnessing!?!

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