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Fri, Oct 5: Anti-Kavanaugh Women’s March Types; Don’t Be Beta: Forgive

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Fri, Oct 5 Hour 1: Anti-Kavanaugh Protests by Women’s March; Forgive Molesting Father!
| 1-3) Technical issues! Sorry, guys! We have a black engineer who wasn’t in. Jesse covers Kavanaugh vote happening soon.

| 4) Jesse reports on Kavanaugh protests.

Monica asks about telling her mean father, who molested her until she was about 13, that she forgave him a few years before she actually forgave him. She forgave her mother, who’s aware it happened, who’s still with him. Once you forgive, your soul returns to the tree of life within. She’s doing Jesse’s Silent Prayer. Learn to speak up but don’t resent.

| 5) Jared from Arkansas thanks Jesse for covering South Africa. Brandon of NY, his mother is dying of cancer. Only God knows who’s going to heaven. Jesse holds him over.

Fri, Oct 5 Hour 2: South African Asks How to Have Confidence, Afraid to Face Mother!
| 1) Jesse understands Kavanaugh’s emotions at the hearing. His name is forever tainted by evil people who call him a rapist with no evidence.

Back to Brandon of NY, from 1st hour, whose mother is dying of cancer. He agrees with Biblical Question: We don’t know who’s going to heaven. He went every day trying to get her to understand that she needs to forgive. He’s wrong for imposing it on her. God lets you suffer and die. People are prideful, their egos are out of control.

| 2) Johan of South Africa, age 28, asks how Jesse got his confidence. His girlfriend told a crowd of liberal friends that he’s a huge Trump fan. God took away Jesse’s anger. Fear, doubt, worry, insecurity, need for love disappeared. He has a lot of anger. His father told him it’s his life, and no one would feel sorry for him. His mother stood up for him against the father; she was empathetic. She was wrong — evil. She caused you to identify with her, and turned you away from your father. It’s really hard to forgive her. He’s having sex with his girlfriend: Cut it out, you’re having sex with mama!

| 3) Come to Church http://rebuildingtheman.com/church To Johan: Would you rather go down into the jungles of South Africa than to forgive your mother? Are you gonna go and forgive her? Don’t do it in a weak way, “Oh, mum, I love you…” Do my Silent Prayer. http://silentprayer.video

| 4) Jesse talks about Johan’s call and mothers: Do not turn your children away from their fathers!

Adrian of Virginia says his Christian family used to push Jesus on non-believers. Now the liberals are aggressively pushing people to believe in what they believe in. America has become a big pushover; men are just cowards and wimps. He has a right to be upset; they call him a rapist in front of his children.

When human beings learn the Bible, it builds their ego, makes you prideful and think you know what you don’t know. You impose it on people. Likewise with education at universities, you shove liberal views down others’ throats. The knowledge of good and evil is evil. To build the intellect and pride is evil. The nature of Satan — folks are not living from the heart. Work on self so you can overcome anger. Stay calm if you can’t speak up, shake in your boots until then.

| 5) Mike from Atlanta, GA, is in Tuscaloosa, AL, an engineer, Latino, but American first. He says we don’t know where people go. We can hope we go to heaven.

Fri, Oct 5 Hour 3: Man Attends Catholic Church Against His Will! Angry Woman Rips Up Signs
| 1) Mike from Atlanta on Biblical Question: Can you know who goes to heaven?

| 2) Skip talks about forgiveness; he says life is not fair. Do we get what we deserve as adults?

Seth of Charlotte, NC, age 27, recently got married — they’re Catholic, but he disagrees with its teachings. He says his father wasn’t a Christian, but his mother was. His father was a Chippendale male dancer, and they eventually got divorced.

| 3) Seth of Charlotte, NC, talks more about his father and mother, who got pregnant before they were pressured to marry — she was supposed to be a Christian at the time. She divorced and remarried also as a Christian. He was 12 when they divorced. He says his stepdad brought him back to God, inspiring his wife now and him.

He says he forgave his mother recently; he’s close with his father, but he turned wild & partying after their divorce — he blames him for his anger since he was a teenager. He goes to Catholic church with his wife, mother, & stepfather — beta male!

| 4) Seth justifies going to Catholic church. He talks about vaping. You’re pretending to be a Christian in namesake only. You’re too soft; your nice. When you’re not nice, you’re mean — and both is wrong. Do the prayer http://silentprayer.video

| 5) Angry black woman with blonde hair rips up pro-Kavanaugh signs of conservative students at University of Texas in Austin on Tuesday. That woman looked like a transgender!

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