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Gaming Garbage Crapstream: 9/11 Simulator, Schizophrenia Simulator

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Added by in Naked women


9/11 Simulator, Schizophrenia Simulator, walking through the stupid woods with a flashlight and trying to collect X items simulator, a garbage PUBG ripoff, a haunted grocery store, killer grandma, a Silent Hill PT ripoff, and a woman who gets beheaded due to math.

Once again I tackle the absolute worst games ever created. And, once again, I am begging for donations / tips, because I'm like $200,000 in debt, mostly from medical bills. It fucking sucks. Just like these games.

Anybody who donates money will be hailed as a hero, and when they die they will go to heaven, which is an amazing and wonderful place where hot women are naked and you go do anything you want, including lots of cocaine. Viewers who fail to donate will go to hell, which is an absolutely awful place because there's lots of fire and naked demons and you can see their wieners and they're uncircumcised and bendy looking and gross as fuck. And there's no cellphone reception.

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