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Into My Heart | A Jemi Love Story- Episode 35

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"Look at our little boys or girls." Demi cooed and Joe smiled as they laid on the bed together enjoying the last night they were spending together before Joe headed back home for a little while. They both knew he wouldn't be gone for too long, neither of them wanted him to miss much of the pregnancy but it had been a while since he had seen either of his parents face to face. He missed them too and he knew they'd come to visit the further along Demi got through the pregnancy.
"It's weird to think how many people are going to love our babies." Joe confessed and Demi smiled too.
"I'm kinda just used to it now, sharing my life with so many people. My fans are my everything, most of them have followed me from the beginning and I don't want that to change now just because I'm not making music for a little while." Demi expressed and Joe smiled kissing her gently but he pulled away before she could kiss him back and she grumbled making him laugh.
"Everyone knows now." Joe stated.
"And I don't dare look at any reactions." Demi mumbled.
"We'll look together in the morning, alright? For now, it's just us spending some time together before tomorrow comes," Joe urged and Demi smiled nodding her head. "And the babies too."
"I don't think the babies will want to know what I have planned tonight." Demi teased and Joe chuckled.
"Oh yeah, and wasn't that what got us into this amazing yet crazy mess?" Joe questioned and she laughed.
"No, not exactly. There was alcohol involved last time." She teased again but connected their lips and Joe kissed her back the two of them smiling through the kiss but Joe soon pulled away from her.
"I love you." He breathed.
"I love you too." Demi answered tugging on his shirt and Joe pulled it off himself before connecting their lips again and their lips only ever parted when another item of clothing was shed from them.


"I didn't expect anything different from my fans." Demi grinned as they scrolled through Demi's social media the following morning. They were still laid naked in bed but there wasn't any rush at the moment. Joe was already packed and ready for the airport.
"Even my social media has blown up over night." Joe stated and Demi smiled glancing over at his phone. Everything was supportive of the pregnancy and them as a couple, they knew there was always going to be haters but the support was overpowering and overwhelming too. The YouTube channel was what they saw the most support on, how many subscribers they've had since it was created the night before and the amount of views they had on their pregnancy announcement video. The title of their channel was just plain and simple 'Demi and Joe'.
"Can you imagine how many teenage girls have stalked your Twitter overnight." She taunted and he laughed.
"Jealous?" He taunted and she rolled her eyes playfully pecking his lips gently before she continued to scroll through her phone seeing all the support she was getting.

Demi found herself in tears as she walked with Joe into the airport where they would separate for a while. They had seen one another everyday since Joe arrived on the tour and they found it weird to think they wouldn't be seeing one another the following day. Demi wanted to grasp onto his hand but his hands were full of bags, they were forced to stay side by side. Reporters hung around taking pictures of them both as Joe checked himself in able to lose most of his bags besides the one he'd take on the plane with him. They didn't mind about the pictures, it was something Demi was used to and Joe was slowly getting used to.
"I'll be back before you know it." Joe breathed moving some hair out of her face tucking it behind her ear. He was feeling emotional too but he was trying his best to hold back his tears knowing Demi was feeling more emotional than normal because of hormones.
"I'm still gonna miss you." She mumbled and Joe wrapped his arms around her embracing her into a hug which she hugged tightly back in feeling comforted by him.
"And I'll miss you too," Joe stated pulling away from her but just enough for them to be face to face. He hesitated for a moment but he did speak saying what was on his mind. "How do you feel about me going but coming back with all my stuff?"
"Y-You mean move out here away from your parents?" She inquired ignoring all the people watching them. It was as if they were in their own world.
"Mom and dad can visit, we can visit... they're used to me not being around but I'm not prepared to get used to being away from you and our twins." Joe expressed letting his tears fall too and Demi cracked a small smile but she leaned up crashing her lips onto his and he kissed her back right away their first public kiss getting captured straight away but it still didn't bother them. Demi slowly pulled away from him.
"That answer you're question?" She grinned and Joe smiled embracing her back into a hug.

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