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Kim Kardashian Receives CFDA Influencer Award & Jokes About Always Being Naked

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Whether you like it or not, Kim Kardashian West received the first ever Influencer Award at the CFDA Awards last night, but her acceptance speech is what has everybody talking.

That wasn’t even our favorite part of the speech. She talks about why this award means so much to her and it’s all thanks to a publicist she had seven years ago. She begins the story saying, "It was maybe seven years ago when I had a publicist, and she asked, what were my goals, what were my dreams? And I said I just wanted to be on the cover of a fashion magazine. And she said, 'Let's (make) some realistic goals because that will never happen.' And so, of course I sent her my Vogue cover when it came out. An autographed copy. So it's really a trip to me that now I'm here getting an award for fashion when it's something I always loved. Thank you so much for this, it means a lot."

Now, just like with anything Kim does, this honor didn’t come without some backlash from critics. The NY Post posted an article claiming that fashion insiders are mocking Kim Kardashian West for receiving this award. One insider was quoted saying,” It’s ridiculous. I’m just completely baffled. What is she influencing? People to have a very false sense of beauty and body?” Another said, “Rewarding any fashion influencer is ridiculous,” said the designer. “The awards are supposed to be for designers. It defeats the purpose to be giving out all these extraneous awards that don’t mean anything.” Well regardless of what they think, Kim has the award and she can add it to her list of many achievements.

Busy Phillips presented Kim with the award and we think she described perfectly why Kim deserved this award saying QUOTE “You changed the way the rest of the world looks at fashion in so many ways, not only because I personally didn’t know you could wear high heels with bike shorts. You made me want to try and it did not work for me. But you are the influencer’s influencer. Your impact on how women dress and what they want has had real cultural significance. There is a direct line between posting a photo and then hundreds of millions of people around the world wanting the color of your hair, your makeup look, the top you’re wearing, the bag you’re using. Your openness with your femininity, your sexuality is truly empowering and the ultimate feminist statement.”

Although everyone doesn’t agree with Kim receiving this or the award itself, you’re never going to be able to please everyone. So do you Kim and do it well!

Anyway, what do you think about Kim’ speech and do you agree with what the critics had to say? Let us know in the comment section below and then click right over here to see Kim responding to Kanye exposing their marriage drama. As always I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. You can find me on Instagram @emileennisjr. Thanks for tuning in to Clevver, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you soon.

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