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Lesbian pornography: behind the scenes

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IT’S what many people fantasise about - hanging out with a bunch of stunning porn stars at an X-rated shoot.

But what really happens on an adult movie set?

Porn is big business, with online adult sites receiving more hits than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined every month.

The industry is worth an estimated $97 billion globally - but its darker side has been well-documented, including earlier this year when five porn stars were found dead in the space of three months.

Many may envisage scenes of wild orgies, crazy partying and sleazy porn producers - but what's the reality?

Most of the industry’s best movies are made in the quiet LA suburbs of the San Fernando Valley so Sun Online spent the day there on set to find out.

"Private School", a lesbian erotic film set in a classroom in the 80s, is the latest offering from production company Gamma Films and is directed by the award-winning female porn creator Bree Mills.

'Does anyone need a douche?'
We're in a huge California mansion which is used for filming mainstream movies as well as porn.

The centrepiece of the purpose-built set is a teacher's desk - on which most of the “action” will happen.

While the crew build an authentic classroom, make-up artists get to work on the actresses and cameramen get their equipment ready to shoot.

A crew member pops in to deliver everyone’s Starbucks order and I start to feel like this could be any other TV or movie set - before he pops back in and asks casually, "Hey does anyone need a douche?"

To the uninitiated a douche is a small pump full of water or other fluids to eliminate odours and ‘clean’ the vagina.

In porn it’s an essential off camera tool and today is no different.

"Yes I’ll take one," said one actress just out of make-up. The rest say they have come prepared and brought their own.

It takes two to three hours to get all the performers through hair and make up and into their costumes.

'Who am I f***king today?'
The girls are loving the 80s theme - with brightly coloured eye shadow and crimped hair being a change from the usual glam porn make up.

I’m amazed how naturally beautiful the girls are - there are no fake porno boobs or bum implants here. And everyone is super-friendly - there's no bitchiness at all.

The conversations go from the kind of every day small talk about commutes and last night’s TV - familiar in every workplace - to conversations you could never imagine having with a co-worker.

“So who am I f***ing today?” the glamorous Georgia Jones, with hair up in rollers, saunters in and asks.

“Me and Emily,” Aidra Fox, 23, a pretty brunette, replies as she’s getting her make up done...

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