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probably quitting youtube + naked spa experience + ily takashi murakami // september '18 vlog

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that piece of dandruff on my head is more relevant than i will ever be

n e wayz i said in the last video that i would touch on the topic of me being a flop in this video and i did a little bit but i had to take out a lot of footage (almost like 20 minutes) so i'll just put part of what i wanted to share right here - again, i am NOT seeking pity or anything of the sort; i am just ranting about what is currently influencing my life as what one usually does in vlogs, amirite??? i should also add that i am aware of how entitled and bratty i sound complaining about losing subscribers and i apologize for coming off that way. there are much more important things to care about in the world than me being a flop on the internet ,, it's just that i see losing subscribers as losing friends because these people liked me at one point, right? and ofc i like all of my subscribers so when someone unsubscribes to me it feels personal because i am just being myself and doing what i love although i completely understand that what i put out is not entertaining to/may not continue to entertain everybody on the internet. idk ... i guess in short i just do not understand what i am doing wrong as my content has remained constant as well as me personally. maybe it was the uploading twice a week?? because i get it - i don't even like seeing myself two times a week, lmao. oh, and thank you to the few people that reached out to me and gave me encouraging words - even though it was only three of you that did, it is still enough to push me to keep trying because now i know that at least one person cares and that's all i ever wanted to know. thank you for saying something when i needed it most instead of ignoring my struggle. i will continue to try for you and for myself ♡

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snapchat: sacagawiatch
vine: sacagawiatch (rip)

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before y'all attack me, i did copy joan kim's (old) end screen because i'm obsessed with her and her videos ...
╰ http://www.youtube.com/joankeem

song one: lakey inspired - me 2 (ft. julian avila)
╰ https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/me-2-feat-julian-avila

song two: elevator to heaven - the work
╰ http://soundcloud.com/workallday/sets/trapped-in-akaushi
╰ http://www.instagram.com/trabajolife
╰ http://youtu.be/s0cbqz9zhv8

take a shot every time i say "um" or "but yeah" or "but um" and have a double chin ,, don't die

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