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Sexual Market Value Plan | Element 6: Mental Health Self Investment

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I believe the modern man has lost his balls and the ability to go after what he wants. I started Project Tusk to help men rediscover what it means to be a red blooded male by helping my clients meet and date girls without relying on social media dating apps or having to go out to bars & nightclubs and get drunk. This is called 'Daygame'.

I am here to take you all the way from the initial meeting (The Daygame) through to getting her onto a date (The Texting) and taking her out for a drink and back to yours (The Dating).

This is the key equation you need to remember at all times:
Continuous, cumulative self investment/improvement + Incremental stretching of your comfort zone + Consistent interaction with hot girls = SUCCESS with your dating life.

Your questions, comments and support all always appreciated :-)

TUSK Essential Resources:
Game Reading: The Rationale Male - Rollo Tomassi
Non-Game Reading: Happy - Derren Brown
Tools: ColdApproach App

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