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Strategies: How to beat Epic Symbiote Supreme with four star champ -- Magik [MCOC] [Hivemind]

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Hello Everyone! In this video we will cover how to take down Symbiote Supreme in the October Event Quest (Blood and Venom, Hivemind map), Epic difficulty with four star champions. In my opinion, I think the current best champion to take against supreme is Magik, but you can definitely take him down with any champion especially if they do not give many debuffs or have many self-buffs as described below.

Major Tips:
1. Turn off Dexterity – As the local nodes and Symbiote Supreme’s abilities let him gain power when he nullifies your buffs as well as deal damage to you, it is harmful to have dexterity on for this fight. As such, I would recommend going to your masteries, recovering your utility points, and then placing all of them back except for your point in dexterity. Remember that in this fight, do not try to dexterity his second super as it will fail with dexterity turned off. You can still dodge his first super.
2. Use champions that do not have self buffs – Avoid champions like X-23 who gets regeneration or star lord who gets fury. Any champion that applies buffs to themselves is at risk of having them nullified, taking damage and giving supreme power and potentially the buff. Use champions like WWII captain America, magic, or vision (or any other champion like them).
3. Use champions that do not ably debuffs like poison, bleed, or armor break – the local node gives supreme additional power when he has debuffs on him, so avoid champions that give these types of debuffs such as black panther. **However, as mentioned by johara84, with a high level champion (such as high level five stars) that can deal massive damage through the debuffs you can get through Symbiote Supreme despite the power gain. In the end using your champions that you are best with is always a good strategy.
4. Use a power control champion if possible that fits the top two categories – Examples are magic. She does not give debuffs other than power lock and she can power drain. Remember that the local node reduces the amount of power drain, so don’t rely on it during the fight.

General Strategy:
• He is not parry resistant, so you will be using the parry strategy throughout the fight. Parry him and then complete a combo against him while he is stunned. As soon as he gets to 1 bar of power, immediately start to bait his first super by dodging back or hitting his shield once then dodging back.
• His first super is very easy to dodge. You will move back at the start to dodge the first melee attack. Go all the way back to the edge and wait for the second tentacle attack to end. Then dash in to catch him after the super.
• If you are using magic, focus on your second super to power lock him to make the fight easier.
• If you do have a champion that gives him debuffs expect him to gain more power and if you have buffs expect to take direct damage each time. As such, I would suggest removing dexterity (but remember that means you cannot dodge ranged attacks).
• Rinse and repeat.

Symbiote Supreme Abilties:
• His signature ability will give you a stagger debuff every ten seconds that will immediately nullify your next buff.
• He does not gain power from attacking, blocking or striking, so he acts like doctor strange. As such, attack him as often as you can and parry consistently. Bait his first special as soon as he gets the first bar of power.
• Genetic potential is his ability to gain a full bar of power when he has 100 genetic potential and he switches his blessings.
• He has three blessings that he changes between
o The first allows him to nullify your abilities more and stagger you with special attacks. Plus you will take damage from nullifications based on his genetic potential.
o The second gives him armor up that reduces the maximum amount of damage he can receive. You will get staggered when you attack you hit him with.
o Third will give him a fury buff and he will be able to cause bleed and stagger on special attacks, and gives him more armor and perfect block chance.

The local nodes are:
• Shatter – nullification of your buffs gives you direct damage
• Prey on the weak -- Gains power whenever your buffs expire
• Redoubled determination – He will gain attack and power gain whenever under a debuff, with bleeds, poisons and armor breaks counting twice.
• Power Bond – Power drains against him are 90% less effective
• Bane of Damballah -- He will have increased attack and life steal as long as you are under a beneficial buff
• Buff duration – His buffs last longer
• Pilfer – He has a 20% chance to pilfer your buffs

I hope this video was helpful and good luck with your epic (uncollected) Run! If you can hit that subscribe button and notification bell that would be an amazing favor. Also comment down below if you have any questions, comments, or tips I did not mention.


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