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Unexpected -A Jemi Story- Episode 27

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Demi dove for the phone, answering it right away.
“Hi, Lily’s phone.” Demi answered, slightly breathless and she looked towards the living room door- she could hear the water running from the family bathroom upstairs, she could vaguely hear Lily singing.
“Hi, my name is Trevor Thomas and I work for Diamond Casting- is this Lily James?” He asked, his tone professional but there was an undertone of excitement to it. He was desperate to say something.
“No, I’m her adoptive sister- um, she’s in the shower right now but I can grab her.” Demi said and Trevor chuckled.
“Hi, Miss Lovato.” He greeted and Demi smiled.
“Hello.” She said, taking off up the stairs. “I’ll grab Lily for you.” She assured him. She’d never met Trevor Thomas before, but it was common knowledge that she and Lily were adopted together- they talked about it a lot in interviews, they didn’t hide the fact that they were adopted and small bits of information about their past. Demi held the phone away from her ear and she knocked loudly on the bathroom door.
“Use the other bathroom!” Lily called.
“Someone’s on the phone for you!” Demi raised her voice.
“Tell whoever it is I’ll call them back! I’m naked!” Lily exclaimed and Demi couldn’t help but laugh.
“Okay, I’ll tell Trevor Thomas you’ll call back.” She said loudly and dramatically, going to raise the phone to her ear again but she could hear Lily instantly shut off the water and start to scramble around.
“What?!” Lily practically yelled, lunging for a towel and wrapping it around herself and she threw open the bathroom door, snatching her phone from Demi as she stood soaked and shivering. “Hello?” She answered, out of breath from all of her scrambling around. Demi watched eagerly and impatiently, desperate to know what Trevor was saying to her best friend. “Oh no, that’s okay… yeah, I-I’m slowly getting there. A few bruises are left and I’m seeing a therapist still… yeah, I hope they forget about him in jail too…” Lily ran her fingers through her wet hair, wiping her face and her eyes slowly widened the more Trevor spoke. “Wait, what?” Demi was jumping all over her, desperate to listen in but Lily kept pushing her away as she kept her focus on Trevor. “N-No, that’s amazing! I… yes, of course! I can make it anytime… perfect, I-I guess I’ll see you then. Okay, thank you.” Lily hung up the phone, handing it back to Demi with shaky hands- she was shaking from more than the chill she was feeling.
“What did he say?!” Demi demanded to know.
“I’ll tell you after my shower.” Lily teased, going to walk away but Demi grabbed her and pulled her back.
“No! You can’t tease a maybe pregnant woman! Tell me!” Demi urged and Lily laughed, feeling overwhelmed.
“The casting for the Broadway show has already been done, but he still wants me to audition… he’s bringing the show to LA, Dems… to run it for a season like they do on Broadway- it’ll be the first time something like that has been done and he wants me to audition for Sophie. He’s gonna be in LA next week for the auditions and he wanted to know whether it was okay for him to add me to the list- I’m being fucking head hunted by Trevor Thomas, Demi!” Lily exclaimed, Demi screaming with pride and throwing her arms around Lily and she hugged her tightly in return, the two of them squeezing each other for a moment before Demi pushed Lily away from her.
“Maybe we should continue this later when you’re not naked and wet.” Demi reminded her and Lily nodded her head.
“Yeah, good plan.” Lily agreed, going back into the bathroom and Demi couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Lily squealing- Demi always believed in Lily, and she was beyond proud that she was finally getting the recognition she deserved.

Demi headed into her own en-suite bathroom, grabbing herself a shower too and it was as she was drying herself that she saw she’d gotten a text from Joe whilst she was in the shower:

‘Tests are all bought and ready for tomorrow! x’

Demi bit her lip, sitting on her bed in her towel as she replied:

‘Tests?! How much pee do you think I can contain?! x’

‘At least enough for three tests. x’

‘I’m beyond terrified that I’m not pregnant. I want this so much. I’m more scared that a pregnancy test will say I am, but it’ll be a false positive and I’ll just get my heart broken at the hospital. x’

‘Then we’ll try again- as many times as it takes. We’ll use every sperm donation that exists if that’s how may tries it takes! x’

Demi couldn’t help but laugh at the response and she typed a response:

‘Stepdad of the year. x’

‘Going for stepdad of the century, but this is a positive start! I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Ten thirty? x’

‘I’ll see you then. x’

Demi set her phone down, taking in a deep breath. She was terrified for what the next day would bring- whether it would change her life forever, or whether it would lead to another obstacle in her way to her dream of having a family.


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