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Woman ‘stabbed boyfriend to death after he got naked at hot tub party’

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NOTTINGHAM POST ACCUSED: Demi Harris denies murdering her boyfriend Christopher Pearson (Pic: NOTTINGHAM POST)  Christopher Pearson, 39, died from a stab wound to his abdomen he received at his home in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, on 18 February. He had been drinking with his girlfriend of three years, Demi Harris, 21, and invited some friends round for a party in their hot tub. Harris went to bed, but allegedly was “humiliated” when she saw Mr Pearson stripping off. She leaned out of a window and shouted, “Don’t you dare”, and, “Are you actually getting naked whilst other girls are there?”   SWNS ARRESTED: Harris was walking to her mother's house when she was taken in (Pic: SWNS) “He began to slip in and out of consciousness and it was plain that he was fading fast” Michael Auty QC  Prosecutor Michael Auty QC told the jury Mr Pearson then took off his remaining clothes and said Harris felt humiliated by what was happening. She stormed over to the tub and was pulled inside fully clothed, the court heard. Further enraged, she then allegedly cut the power to the hot tub and music by flicking the master switch in the fuse box. The party broke up, but one of the female guests found Mr Pearson lying on his back severely wounded and confused.   SWNS 'SELF-DEFENCE': Harris claims she was protecting herself and did not mean to kill Mr Pearson (Pic: SWNS)  Nottingham Crown Court heard he said: “What’s happened?” Mr Auty said: ”Miss Harris then volunteered, "I've gone too far this time. “In those few words she encapsulates the prosecution case. “He began to slip in and out of consciousness and it was plain that he was fading fast. "Asked what happened, Miss Harris replied, 'I've stabbed him, but I had to, I had to'.   SWNS 'HUMILIATED': It is alleged Demi Harris felt embarrassed and angry at her boyfriend's behaviour (Pic: SWNS)  “She went on to explain that she had used a knife that she had got from his 'top drawer' and that 'I had to because he attacked me'. “She instinctively knew that he was close to death and repeatedly said, ‘He's going to die. He's going to die'" Harris was arrested walking to her mother’s house. Mr Pearson was rushed to hospital and had three blood transfusions and surgery, but did not survive.  Harris told the court that Mr Pearson had threatened to kill her and she hadn’t meant to fatally wound him. She said: "I just wanted to get past him and if that meant him grabbing me and me jabbing him with it, just a jab, not a stab, not a puncher; just a quick prick, so it shocks him to move out of the way, so I've got enough time to get down the stairs.” She has pleaded not guilty to one count of murder. The trial continues.

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