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Yoga teaches us to be not labels or clothes or right or wrong Yoga and Fitness with Rhyanna Watson


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Society pulls us to pieces and tells us our value piece by piece... no wonder we aren’t happy... how can we be if we are never allowed to be whole?...here is me in society acceptable form torn apart in two sections my fav photo by @olivianachle from teacher training at the start with @blissology
I am not trying to market a certain body type, I am not trying to market a life with or without clothes. I am simply asking for people to be able to be their wholeness that doesn’t have a look, it has a feel. Im simply asking us all to take a little look at ourselves work on ourselves rather than giving away our power to the outside world; take back the power from within. Just an observation it is impossible to be grateful and depressed: Those with a grateful mindset tend to see the message instead of the mess and problems. And even life may knock them down they don’t knock others down and they are grateful and find reasons to stand up with love, even small ones. I am simply asking if we can all just simply be the way that yoga teaches us, which is to simply just be....Yoga asks only one thing from us to unify ourselves to our deepest most loving, compassionate, respectful, truthful self. It does not ask a person to wear a certain clothes, it does not ask a person to do a certain shape, it does not ask a person to judge another or dictate what is wrong or right, it does not ask a person to define others by certain labels. Yoga asks us to simply have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. Yoga really reminds us everything is only an illusion, perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one might as well burst out laughing!

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